Kim Withers Announces Candidacy for Wyoming State Senate District 6



Trusted Local Leader Pledges to Advocate for Conservative Solutions

WHEATLAND — After over 40 years as a financial industry leader and local community advocate, Kim Withers has officially declared her candidacy for the Wyoming State Senate in District 6. Withers promises to champion conservative values: low taxes, small government, and staunch support for the Second Amendment and pro-life principles.

Withers, who served as the CEO of Meridian Trust for 32 years, has been a key figure in economic development and community service. Her leadership extended beyond her professional role into significant local impacts, including her 16 years as a Rotarian and initiatives such as the Friday Food Bag and the Meridian Trust North Star Foundation, which notably launched child care and utility bill assistance programs.

“As your State Senator, I will fight against the radical left’s agenda, protect our constitutional rights, support small business, and stand up for Wyoming families,” said Withers.

A staunch pro-business advocate, Withers is committed to reducing regulatory burdens on businesses to foster economic growth and job creation. Her campaign emphasizes the importance of keeping the government small to empower individuals and entrepreneurs rather than constrain them. “District 6 is the heart of Wyoming’s growth and innovation. I will advocate for policies that support small businesses and stimulate our local economy while preserving our core conservative values,” said Withers.

“I am dedicated to lowering property taxes and utility rates, making it easier for Wyoming families and businesses to thrive,” Withers stated. “Our community deserves a leader who not only understands the complexities of our economy but also stands firm in her conservative convictions.”

Withers also highlighted her role as a mother and a grandmother, advocating for educational choices and parental rights in Wyoming schools. “I will always stand up for the rights of parents first and foremost in their child’s education, as well as support more school choice in Wyoming,” she emphasized. “Ensuring that parents have a voice in their children’s education is crucial for developing future leaders who are well-prepared and principled.”

“As we face unprecedented challenges, it’s time for true conservative leadership that can guide District 6 toward a brighter and more prosperous future,” Withers concluded. “I am ready to be that leader.”

For more information about Kim Withers and her campaign for Wyoming State Senate, visit KimWithers.com.



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