Cowboy State Daily: Who is Kim Withers?

Who’s Withers?

Withers has lived in Wyoming for more than 40 years and has more than 35 years of experience working for financial cooperatives.

“I firmly believe in the financial cooperative,” she said.

Withers has also served on several boards, including the Cheyenne Laramie County Joint Economic Powers Board, the Federal Reserve Community Depository Institution Advisory Council and the Laramie County Friday Food Bag.

But Withers, who considers herself a true conservative, doesn’t count herself as a political insider. She sees herself as a mother and grandmother first.

“I really want to focus on what’s right for Wyoming with my message and my campaign,” she said. “I want to be laser-focused on our economy and education, and of course keeping Wyoming safe.”

If elected, Withers said she wants to keep exploring property tax reform and putting more tax caps in place. During the 2024 session, Gov. Mark Gordon signed legislation instructing a 4% cap on year-to-year increases.

“I feel we should be able to do more,” Withers said.

Withers also wants to limit government regulation and spending, along with inflation.

On energy, she, like Love, believes Wyoming should support traditional fossil fuels and green energy.

“We are an energy state, so we need to be mindful of what is coming up and not limit it or constrain it, but allow all of the factions to do well,” she said.

Withers also believes the University of Wyoming made the right decision by cutting its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion office last week after the Legislature cut state money for the program this spring.

“It’s important that the focus is on education and it’s on the merit of the students there,” she said. “That’s what our students are paying for, to get a quality education.”



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